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[28.09.23] DigiLounge#2 | Launching “Athena – Women leaders in Marcom” community & discussing “Gender stereotypes in Marcom strategy”

On 28th September 2023, OMverse and RED Communication jointly organized DigiLounge#2, featuring the launch of the Athena Community “Women Leaders in Marcom” and a discussion on the topic of “Gender Bias in Marcom Strategies.”  with the participation of nearly 100 guests holding leadership positions in communication and marketing.

Gender and marketing specialists participated in this event 

  • Ms. Oanh Vũ – Chairwoman/Founder of OMverse
  • Ms. Uyên Trần – Marketing Director, TCP Vietnam
  • Ms. Trang Phan – Marketing Manager, VNG Group
  • Ms. Phương Phạm – Founder & GM, Greenhat
  • Dr. Nguyễn Nữ Nguyệt Anh – Dean of Sociology Faculty, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ho Chi Minh National University.

The lively and multifaceted panel discussion revolved around various key topics, such as:

  • The negative impact of gender-biased advertising and communication campaigns on social perceptions 
  • The role of brands and agencies in dismantling gender stereotypes
  • Notes for effectively and sustainably integrating gender into communication
  • External and internal barriers faced by women in leadership roles, and the introduction of effective gender equality messaging campaigns.

Ms. Trang Phan shared an inspiring example of promoting gender equality through marketing campaigns. She recounted her team’s successful efforts to incorporate female characters into a TV commercial for a new video game, which achieved a remarkable 100 million views in a short period across nine markets. Additionally, Ms. Uyên Trần highlighted a cleverly integrated gender equality message in an energy drink TV commercial, contributing to increased revenue for the brand.

Dr. Nguyệt Anh provided a research-based perspective, emphasizing that sometimes, gender stereotypes can stem from women themselves, as they may believe that working with men may be easier. She suggested that the path forward involves striving for balance and harmony in our perceptions of gender.

During the launch of the “Women Leaders in Marcom” community, Ms. Oanh Vũ shared the rationale behind choosing the name “ATHENA,” representing wisdom and confidence. With the goal of creating a space for women in the marketing and communication industry, OMverse (Performance Solution Group) and RED Communication have come together to establish this network, uniting accomplished female leaders who have made impressive contributions to the Marcom field. Beyond providing a platform for networking and community building, the mission of “Women Leaders in Marcom” is to support women entrepreneurs facing challenges in self-positioning and community development through understanding and shared experiences from CMOs, CEOs, and COOs, representing various brands, both domestic and international.

Lastly, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the event’s sponsors, Corona Beer and Atelier Premium Bakery, for their generous support. This event was part of the DigiLounge series and company talk, which were offered free of charge. The company talk series received support from the “Gender and Marketing Effectiveness” initiative conducted by RED, as part of the Youth and Gender Equality project led by Oxfam Vietnam and funded by the European Union.


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