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[24.10.23] DigiLounge#3 |Personal Branding and unlimited potential

Personal Branding could affirm who you are, as well as what your image looks like and what others will say about you – Ms. Vivian Pham (Suntory Pepsico) shared at DigiLounge#3, which was co-organized by the DigiLounge community and Athena – Women Leaders in Marcom in HCM City on October 24th.

In the digital age, personal branding is not just a trend, it is an important factor that can decide the success of individuals and businesses. With the topic “Personal Branding”, DigiLounge#3 has gathered experienced speakers, such as:

  • Ms. Huong Giang – Managing Director, CUE Vietnam
  • Ms. Vivian Pham – Integrated Marketing Communication Senior Manager, Suntory Pepsico 
  • Ms. Jenny K Tran – Founder & Creative Director, Jenny K Tran 
  • Dr. Nguyen Nu Nguyet Anh – Dean of Faculty of Sociology, USSH, VNU-HCMC
  • Mr. An Dang – Head of HCM Branch – Omega Media 

At the event, experts and speakers shared different experiences and perspectives surrounding the following content:

  • Personal Branding and its influence on individuals and businesses.
  • Shape and start Personal Branding
  • Strategy for building Personal Branding for individuals and businesses.
  • Communication channels and networks help build effective Personal Branding.
  • Important notes.

Defining the importance of personal branding, Ms. Vivian Pham said that personal branding could affirm who you are, as well as what your image looks like and what others will say about you. According to Ms. Vivian Pham, personal branding could help each person create their mark in life and career while affirming their position and value in society.

Sharing the secret to building a strong personal brand, Ms. Huong Giang revealed that the most important thing is persistence and consistency. You need to understand yourself and always be sincere with yourself and your audience. During the Personal Branding process, you must be ready to face a communication crisis at any time. An unintentional action can lead to unwanted consequences. Self-understanding and sincerity will be the tools to help you overcome all difficulties.

On her part, Ms. Vivian emphasized the phrase “authenticity”, which means “unique quality.” You need to present yourself honestly. Personal branding is only valuable when it reflects you, not an imitation to create a perfect version.

From an expert perspective, Dr. Nguyet Anh affirmed that Personal Branding requires each person to understand their role and responsibilities in society, thereby determining the appropriate direction to develop their brand.

For that reason, in the future, Ms. Jenny K Tran intends to create a campaign that reflects her signature style but still retains the individuality of each participating individual.

Through DigiLounge#3, all the guests shared the same opinion that building a personal brand is not simply about self-promotion but also requires self-understanding, consistency, sincerity, and responsibility for society. An effective personal branding strategy could help you stand out, attract opportunities, and build a successful career.

Pham Linh
Pham Linh

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