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[25.08.23] DigiLounge#1 | Applying Gamification to Customer Retention Strategies

In the context of a challenging economic environment and increasingly fierce competition, many business managers are striving to find ways to maintain and cultivate the loyalty of their existing customers. Recognizing this concern, Omega Media organized the first online DigiLounge event with the theme “Applying Gamification to Customer Retention Strategies” to provide businesses with additional solutions to optimize and develop their customer base.

Participating in this event were five guest speakers from various businesses, all of whom currently hold important positions within their respective companies and are leading experts in the application of Gamification Marketing to retain and attract a large number of loyal customers for their businesses:

Mr. Cao Minh – Head of Ads Business – MoMo
Mr. Phát Lâm – Partnership Manager – GOSU
Mr. Andy Dang – Head of HCM Branch – Omega Media
Ms. Van Trinh – CEO/Founder – Root Digital
Ms. Hani Nguyen – CEO/Founder – Omega Martech

  • Mr. Cao Minh – Head of Ads Business – MoMo
  • Mr. Phát Lâm – Partnership Manager – GOSU
  • Mr. Andy Dang – Head of HCM Branch – Omega Media
  • Ms. Van Trinh – CEO/ Founder – Root Digital 
  • Ms. Hani Nguyen – CEO/ Founder – Omega Martech

The atmosphere of discussion at this event was vibrant, with numerous expert opinions shared by the guest speakers. They engaged in discussions and provided solutions to important questions, such as:

  • What is Gamification, and what is Gamification Marketing?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying Gamification to a brand’s marketing strategy?
  • Which factors influence Gamification Marketing, and how can this approach be applied to different product categories?

In the constantly evolving market of today, DigiLounge#1 represents a significant step in popularizing Gamification and applying this method to marketing strategies. The knowledge and information shared by the speakers have helped businesses gain a clearer understanding of how to implement Gamification in practice, capturing customer loyalty and optimizing business results in this challenging economic period.

Event Information:

📆 Time: 18:00 – 20:00, the last Thursday of every month (Starting from 25/8)

📌 Location: Villa No. 63, Vinhomes Golden River, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Each month, DigiLounge will bring different topics. Moreover, the event has a limited number of participants to ensure the highest quality for attendees.

📌 DigiLounge #1 is the first in a series of DigiLounge events organized by OMverse. Focusing on digital issues and solutions for businesses, DigiLounge aims to provide a comfortable space where people can relax, share experiences and knowledge, all while enjoying refreshments.

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