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[23.08.23] Innovative Solutions For Performance To International Startups In Vietnam

In pursuit of fostering opportunities and catalyzing the development of startups in Vietnam, Omega Group collaborated with Quest Ventures to organize a workshop :”Driving Business Growth: Innovative Solutions for Performance Marketing in Vietnam.”

During this event, 7 Singaporean startup companies participating in the Vietnam Global Innovation program had the opportunity to exchange ideas, share their solutions, and explore brand development prospects in Vietnam. These innovative startups included Sealed Network, Silversea Media, HappyIce, BioDefense, World Snack, Ventas Bio, and DDIY Solutions.

Notably, a panel discussion on market expansion strategies for international startups in Vietnam, moderated by Mr. Andy Đang, Head of Branch HCM, Omega Media, sparked lively discussions. The panel featured insights and perspectives from industry-leading speakers affiliated with Omega Group, a pioneer in Performance Marketing, and Dpoint, a Loyalty Marketing platform. Valuable market insights and exemplary case studies were shared by the following speakers:

  • Ms. Van Trinh, CEO | Root Digital
  • Ms. Lilly Tran, CGO | Omeez
  • Mr. Hao Nguyen, Co-Founder | Dpoint

To provide international startups with a comprehensive understanding of the Vietnam market and innovative solutions for boosting performance growth, the speakers addressed various topics:

  • Changing Consumer Behavior in Vietnam Covid-19 pandemic: How have Vietnamese consumer behaviors evolved, and what direction have they taken after the pandemic?

  • Adapting to Changes in Marketing Technologies: How can businesses cope with these changes in technology marketing? What are the methods for marketing growth? How can consumer loyalty and interaction be enhanced?

  • Exploring the “Brandformance” Approach: What is the novel concept of “Brandformance,” and how can it be leveraged for growth?

With policies opening up the market and creating opportunities for young businesses by the government, coupled with the robust economic development potential in recent years, Vietnam has become a promising land of opportunities for startups, both local and international. For international startups entering the Vietnamese market, it is crucial to understand the culture and needs of Vietnam, grasp the market dynamics, and actively connect with Vietnamese partners.


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