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Technology meets fashion for the first time in the first payment bracelet in Vietnam

On December 19, 2023, at Chill Skybar HCMC, the first payment bracelet in Vietnam named Stellar was experienced in a big event. It was DigiLounge#4 “Revealing Stellar – a pioneer in the new payment style of GenZ”, which was held by OMverse.

The event was attended by some leading marketing experts in Vietnam, such as: Ms. Van Trinh – CEO of Fantastic Eggs; Mr. An Dang – CEO of Omega Media – Ho Chi Minh City Branch; Mr. Dzung Le – CEO of Omeez and Mr. Mai Huy Phuong – Deputy Director of Digital Banking Department, MBBank (Top 5 prestigious Vietnamese commercial banks in 2023).


Through two sharing sessions on “Application of Brandformance in the Banking Industry through Product Innovation” and “From Product Marketing to Brandformance”, these experts discussed what makes for a groundbreaking campaign aimed at Gen Z – the first payment bracelet in Vietnam. At the same time, DigiLounge’s experts also answered questions from guests about user trends, opportunities and challenges in the Vietnamese market in 2024.


The highlight of DigiLounge#4 was the activity of experiencing the one-touch payment style with Stellar right at the event. This product was launched in mid-November 2023, which was a strategic combination between the Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MBBank) and OMverse. Both are pioneers in their fields, finance – banking and performance marketing. Both are pioneers in their fields, banking – finance and performance marketing. Stellar not only created a breakthrough in the Vietnamese Fintech market, but also spread the message “dare to change, dare to be different”, when containing groundbreaking technology, having high applicability, but also meeting the needs of use and fashion, expressing the user’s style and personality.


Integrating 2 debit and credit chips in one, the Stellar payment bracelet helps customers easily pay with one touch without a network connection or battery charging. With 18 options of design, color and individually designed personality charms, this payment-fashion friend is also waterproof and dust resistant, suitable for all types of weather and outdoor activities of Gen Z. With an affordable price (only about 16 USD), Stellar payment bracelets can attract young people between the ages of 25 and 40, who love technology, fashion and are always ready to try new things.


At the event, when owning and experiencing Stellar, guests (mostly C-level and Marketing Managers of large enterprises in Vietnam) were surprised with the time-saving and convenience that Stellar brought, as well as enjoyed special charm sets with many humorous and bold messages created by the Gen Z design team. Many opinions were given at the event that Stellar could completely develop further towards Gen Alpha.


It can be said that the success of DigiLounge#4 was not only a push to bring the Stellar payment bracelet closer to customers in Vietnam, but also aroused many concerns about the consumption trends of Gen Z and Gen Alpha in the future.

Pham Linh
Pham Linh

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