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OMverse at AW Bangkok 2023 | Connecting the global Affiliate Marketing community

Over the course of December 7th and 8th, at Booth B31, OMverse had the opportunity to meet with partners from all corners of the world to share experiences and explore opportunities in affiliate marketing. This included expanding its network to international businesses at AW Bangkok 2023.

With the presence of over 5000 leading marketers, advertising experts, and e-commerce entrepreneurs from more than 110 countries, AW Bangkok 2023 was not only a place for learning but also a fantastic opportunity for networking, exchanging ideas, and building partnerships among international businesses. Gathering over 200 speakers, AW Bangkok 2023 provided a rare opportunity to connect and learn from pioneering experts in the field of performance marketing. These speakers not only shared profound knowledge about emerging trends but also unveiled strategies that led to impressive successes, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

Beyond knowledge, AW Bangkok 2023 offered attendees special and exciting experiences. From knowledge-sharing sessions to entertaining events, each moment was an opportunity for businesses and partners to connect and immerse themselves in the dynamic atmosphere of AW Bangkok 2023. These experiences have paved the way for new opportunities and development potential for OMverse.

During the event, OMverse was honored to represent agencies in Vietnam, participating in interviews to share perspectives and assessments of trends in performance marketing. From its standpoint, OMverse provided insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the Southeast Asian Affiliate Marketing market, along with innovative and creative strategies geared towards sustainable development.

Armed with the latest experiences and knowledge gained from AW Bangkok 2023, OMverse is ready to face new challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities in an increasingly diverse and competitive market. This promises the sustainable growth and success of OMverse in the future.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our esteemed partners and clients who participated and supported OMverse at this event. We look forward to the opportunity for further collaboration and meeting you at upcoming events!

Let’s take a look at the vibrant moments of OMverse at AW Bangkok 2023 below.


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