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Light Up Your Life – Year End Party 2022.

YEAR END PARTY 2022 must be the most long-awaited event of the year since it brings our guests through all stages of emotions from excitement to surprise; thus, from sentimental to delightful moments.

Last December 30th, 2022 Omega Group has organized YEAR END PARTY 2022 – LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE, putting an end to the previous year and welcoming 2023. The event is contributed with the presence of the Executive Board and all employees from Omega Media, Omega Martech, Root Digital, & Omee; lastly, our companionable neighbor – RED Communication, along with other special guests. This is the moment when we cherish the precious moments that had passed and send our wonderful wishes for a new promising year.

With our main theme ‘Light Up Your Life’, we aim to bring the will of lightening up the fire of passion in each individuals. And, manifesting for a new year full of achievements and wealth.

Higlighting the homey atmosphere, Mrs. Vu Kim Oanh – The Head of Omega Group has spoken her mind on the setted goals and directions for Omega in 2023.

This year, it is a big pleasure for Omega Group to have our very special guest – Mr. Nguyen Son Lam. His speech has gifted us many valuable lessons; nevertheless, the main message he has brought to us which is “Love yourself and live passionately!”.

YEAR END PARTY 2022 – LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE is not only a chance for all our employees to celebrate together, but a time to appreciate ourselves for the year has passed.

YEP 2022 is also a ‘playground’ for our members to express their talents and creativities with numerous talent shows. Beside that, many lucky draws and minigames also been created to mustered up the atmosphere and connecting our members.

And now, we would look back to several throwbacks of YEP 2022 -Light Up Your Life.


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