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Performance Day 2023 – New formula for growth hacking

On April 21st, Performance Day 2023 – an event focusing on performance growth solutions for businesses that took place at Park Hyatt Saigon has been organized successfully. The event was overloaded by the heat of our speakers from bringing practical sharings for Vietnamese firms.

Performance Day 2023 is organized by Omega Group (a leading Agency in Digital Performance Solutions) với the companion of our diamond sponsor – AB180, a unit specializing in BigData application for marketing, stands out with the product Airbridge. In addition, Nagakawa Corporation, Oppo Vietnam and MoMo also participated as gifting sponsors, helping to make our event even more complete.

The event successfully attracted the attention of the marketing community from the very beginning, including individuals who did not hesitate to travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City to attend this special occasion. 

The success of this event must be attributed to the presence of many professionals in the Marketing field. Each speaker here has extensive real-world experience from data analysis, user insights, strategy to creative development, execution on platforms, etc.  All make up the final solution – Performance.

Performance is also the keyword that creates the theme – “New formula for breakthrough growth”, the key factor in keeping most guests until the end of the event.

Performance Day 2023 with valuable insights that bring breakthrough growth to businesses

When speaking of Performance Marketing, people often think about the traditional advertising communication program which we only pay when some specific behavior is performed such as the number of downloads, subscriptions, etc. 

For programmers, Performance is not just a process, but a mindset that all teams from strategy to execution need. Ms. Oanh Vu – Chairwoman / Founder of Omega Group, is also one of the first people in Vietnam to confirm that Brandformance is a keyword that is being cared for and will be mentioned a lot in the future.

Ms. Oanh Vu – Chairwoman/ Founder of Omega Group sharing the overall landscape of Performance Marketing in Vietnam

Next, the speakers also shared about performance from different perspectives.

1/ Anh Thue Thomasen (CEO of Decision Lab) – Topic “The current state of digital users”

Insights and market analysis are always important data sources. According to him, marketers need to get to know digital users well by answering the following questions: Which online platforms are the most popular in Vietnam? Penetration rate and user preference by industry? Which data tools focus on solving the problem of efficiency? From here, effective business, brand and communication strategies can be devised, resulting in performance growth.

2/ Ms. Tammy Phan, Marketing Director of Google Vietnam, and Ms. Mansi – Client Manager at OpenMind (Mindshare Group) – Topic “Google Ads Solutions to Drive Performance”

The combination of two great characters has opened up 1-0-2 experiences for advertising strategies on Google – an indispensable element to increase conversions and bring high performance to each campaign.

3/ Ms. Van Trinh, CEO Root – Theme: Performance Creative Strategy

Her sharing has shown that Performance Marketing is not only in the digital run but it is present at every stage of the communication campaign. To be able to solve the difficult problem of brands in terms of growth, the creative solutions that we offer need to ensure both factors: Branding and performance.

4/ Mr. Andy Dang, Branch Manager of Omega Media – Theme “Media development strategy for Performance”

He said that marketers as well as businesses often find themselves in a dilemma when faced with too many media channels, defining goals and media channels is an essential step for each campaign. Not only that, he always optimizes the execution plan by focusing on “Brandformance” – an important keyword that he has proven through practical applications and case studies, attracting the attention of stakeholders. guest.

5/ Ms. Hani Nguyen, Founder/CEO, Omega Martech – Theme “The Role of Martech in the Digital Economy”

According to her, Martech – a concept we have heard a lot in recent years, is becoming more and more important, growing stronger and making a great contribution to the digital economy. In other words, the breakthrough growth of a business cannot be without the role of technology in marketing.

6/ Mr. Roi Nam, CEO of Airbridge – Theme “3 strategies to optimize user development plan for mobile applications”

Although the topic is quite familiar, Mr. Roi Nam gave very cool sharing about and clarified for guests about the plan to develop users on mobile applications through the questions: How to measure and optimize important indicators? Using data to improve ad targeting? and How can ad fraud detection and prevention help protect budgets and increase conversions?.

7/Mr. Dung Le, Founder/CEO of Omee – Theme “Breakthrough growth with Affiliate Marketing”

With many years of experience in the industry, Mr. Dung realizes that affiliate marketing is attracting a lot of people’s attention and can bring a lot of money on the digital platform, and will soon even become a popular and mainstream profession. Therefore, he has contributed to the development of Omeez, the first deep-rooted Affiliate community platform in Vietnam, helping many young people achieve rapid growth.

8/ Mr. Khiem Ho, Customer Solutions Manager at TikTok Vietnam – Performance Recipes (by TikTok)

Mr. Khiem affirmed that success in consulting and building business solution strategies for all brands in the Vietnamese market needs to be based on a specific formula to run/gain performance marketing on the TikTok platform.

9/ Ms. Ngoc Mai, Head of Representative Office in HCMC

When it comes to performance, people often think of gears. For an NGO that specializes in CSV projects like RED, performance-based strategies turn out to be essential and can ensure long-term growth.

10/ Mr. Cao Minh – Advertising Sales Manager at MoMo – Theme “Solutions related to Gamification & O2O”.

Every day, working with the most popular and fastest growing e-wallet today, Mr. Minh has brought many interesting sharings about: Changing consumer payment behavior; Journey to experience O2O solutions with MoMo; Gamification application in business growth with some case studies of MoMo.

Overall, Performance Day 2023 has introduced many methods to optimize advertising costs, maximize conversions for businesses and emphasize the importance of performance.


On the premise towards developing the digital economy, Omega Group promises to bring many events to connect and share information about “breakthrough growth” for businesses in the coming time.


About Omega Group

Omega Group is a pioneer agency in Digital Performance solutions.

Omega impresses with its annual growth rate of 3 times and from a company established in 2018, Omega now has 4 subsidiaries in the following areas: Providing integrated Digital Marketing campaigns; Strategy and Creativity; Consulting, designing Martech solutions; Affiliate Platform – Omee.

Omega attributes its success to its performance-based development orientation. The organization is also doing well on its mission to help brands achieve growth hacks through those multiple performance solutions.



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